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Haha, who was watching Oprah today when she said, "You know, a lot of people turned on me after Faulkner..."
Well, I wasn't completely thrilled with Faulkner, but I loved A Million Little Pieces.

I finished it a few days ago, and it has definitely stuck with me. As I'm reading, I often write down passages that ring true with me (and some that I think just sound nice, or writing that I admire).

"He stares at me and he chews his nails and he spits them at me but the pills are in and the bugs are gone and I don't care."
I liked this, as well as some of the others on the list because of the way I felt as I was reading it. It's from the first section of the book, which, to me, kind of felt like I was rolling along in detox with him. I love the rhythm of all of the "and"'s here.

"I hang up the phone and I stare at the floor and I think about my Mother and my Father in a hotel room in Chicago and I wonder why they still love me and why I can't love them back and how two normal stable people could have created something like me, lived with something like me, tolerated something like me. I stare at the floor and I wonder. How did they tolerate me."
I had a lot of anger problems when I was in high school, and this is exactly how I felt. Every time my parents would reach out, I would lash at them, and then I would feel this incredible guilt for something that I didn't realize I could control. But, every time, they would reach out again.

"I inhale. Hot peppermint honey mixed with napalm followed by a rush a thousandfold stronger than the purest powder, a thousandfold more dangerous."
"Hot peppermint honey mixed with napalm". I've never (and will never) smoke crack, but I think this is probably a pretty accurate description... and I love the words "hot peppermint honey".

"Ed speaks. His voice is low and worn. A blue collar voice."
I love that he called it a "blue collar" voice. As soon as I read that, I could hear him.

"I loved that god damn Elephant and I loved being his friend. In a childhood full of unhappiness and rage, Babar is one of the few pleasant memories that I have. Me and Babar, kicking some motherfucking ass."
This just made me smile.

"I learned to read at a young age and I have always read voraciously. It is one of the few things, aside from getting fucked up and getting in trouble, that I have done consistently through out my entire life."
I like quotes about reading. And I think reading (especially the Tao) was probably one of the things that helped save James.

"His eyes are thick and wet and breaking. He is obviously sad and disappointed. I'm tired of making people sad and I'm tired of disappointing them and I'm tired of seeing them break. I have seen this too many times. He will be the last."
Been there.

"An Addict is and Addict. It doesn't matter whether the Addict is white, black, yellow, or green, rich or poor or somewhere in the middle, the most famous person on the planet or the most unknown. It doesn't matter whether the addiction is drugs, alcohol, crime, sex, shopping, food, gambling, television, or the fucking Flintstones. The life of the Addict is always the same. There is no excitement, no glamor, no fun. There are no good times, there is no joy, there is no happiness, there is no future and no escape. There is only an obsession. An all-encompassing, fully enveloping, completely overwhelming obsession."
I've been battling a food addiction for most of my life, and I couldn't agree more with his description.

"Screaming, long and loud and hideous, like a Child being burned alive."
This was such a strange passage in the book, and I thought it was so strange that he used, " a Child being burned alive." What a horrible thought, but it brings to mind such a strong image and idea of the sound.

"...I am not soft or warm but I imagine that it would be nice to be that way. I have never known it. I know a cold. hard, raging Fury, deep inside of me and I am tired of it. I am tired of the feeling, I want to die so that I don't have to feel it anymore. I would like to be soft and warm. I would be terrified to be that way. I could be hurt if I were soft and warm. I could be hurt by something other than myself."
The last line, "I could be hurt by something other than myself" hit so close to home.
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That's a great idea to write those things down. I never think of things like that!

I just wanted to comment that the line about how the crack tasted jumped out at me when I was reading it. I guess it was because I thought that was such a weird description. I mean, I know what honey and peppermint taste like - but who's ever tasted napalm? I wasn't aware that it was something edible - you know? There isn't another kind of napalm other than what the military uses is there?

That's why I made note of it- it seemed odd to me, but maybe it tasted like napalm because it was so destructive? I don't know of any other types of napalm...
Oh wait, kind of because honey and peppermint both taste good, but there might be an underlying feeling of terror or death or something in the taste of it- and that is what he is describing as the taste of napalm...