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A Million Little Pieces

Ahhhh..... ok.

I did this for a couple of reasons. The first was that I think that some words carry more meaning than other words. Mother is more significant than pen. Father is more significant than table. Friend more than cup. I capitalized these words to lend them some weight, some extra meaning, to set them apart from other words. I do this with words like Mother Father Brother Friend Life Death Addict Alcoholic Criminal.

I capitalized another set of words, usually referring to specific places within the facility, words like Office, Unit, Lecture Hall, Medical Unit, Hallway, because I was trying to drill the idea of monotony and routine into the reader's mind. By that I mean, when you live in a facility or an institution, your life revolves around a very specific daily routine. You go from one place to another to another all day every day and life revolves around this schedule and these places. I capitalized the places to elevate them, to make them stick into the reader's mind, and to make them stick over and over and over.

— James Frey

More questions and answers with James Frey can be found here. (Beware of spoilers...)

How many of you guys are reading this? I just finished the first section...
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