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Sound and the Fury...

OMG...this book is really confusing me! I don't know if they are going back and forth into the present or past or freaking what! I just started and haven't got that far yet so I hope it gets better because I'm ready to chuck it.
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I was so confused at first, and I had to reread a lot, but I'm really starting to get it. I tend to read quickly though- and that's no good for this. It's really kind of delicate- and a lot of it isn't what is written on the page, it's how you feel while you're reading it. (For example- when Caddy comforts Benjy- I would read that and immeaditly feel love for her- and maybe a little gratitude).

And I think the biggest key is remembering that this a stream of consciness- much like if you were to jot down everything you thought as you were thinking it. Everything would be all jumbled- not to mention that Benjy is handicapped (I'm thinking he's meant to be autistic?) which means that he's in sensory overload.

As I'm reading this- I'm also reading the last Harry Potter book- I don't know if you're familiar with them- but in it, the characters use a "pensive" a device to sort your individual thoughts so you can look at them alone. The first part of this book seems quite the opposite- no individual thoughts, just everything linked together, spilling all over each other- something leads to something else to something else. Since Benjy doesn't have speech, everything is in his head.

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Have you been watching the lecture things at Oprah.com? I'm looking forward to this next one on Monday because they really seemed to help with the last book (which I didn't really care for)...

I say at least keep going until we start on the second part- I'm thinking Benjy's section is maybe something we weren't really meant to understand all of right now.
But, oh man, I was so confused when they changed his name from Maury to Benjamin- but then I realized how confused HE must have been...

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Haha, I just think they helped me think past what is written on the page and more about the whole feel of the book. They're in 3-4 minute sections so it's pretty easy to watch them at your lesiure. One of the things that this lady said in the introduction to this book that was extremely helpful was when she compared it to a show like Desperate Housewives- with flashbacks and voice overs- I thought about that a lot when I was reading Benjy's section...

It's just something else to look at before you decide to quit the book. :)
I just went over to oprah.com and was reading some of the Q&A's for this first part and I found them really helpful too- http://www.oprah.com/obc_classic/featbook/asof/fury/qa/fury_qa_main.jhtml?bookName=fury

The one I found most interesting was the one about how Faulkner initally wanted to print Benjy's section in different colors. Besides it being a really interesting idea- I wonder what kind of difference it would have made to me reading it. I kind of want to go through with different colored highlighters now and highlight for the different times...
The biggest indicator of a time change is the italics. I just started taking for granted every time the font changed, I should reassess where he was.
Something else that helped me was just slowing down. (As I said elsewhere in the thread) I tend to read fast and I'll catch myself skimming, and that doesn't work for this, I had to go back and reread because I found I was missing key points.

But, anyway, try and stick it out- I'm thinking the next part will be a bit more coherent. Remember, Benjy is handicapped- his world is in sensory overload- so his consciousness will read a lot different than the other brothers.
I agree that this is a very confusing and intimidating book. I often keep putting the book down out of pure frustration, but I finally finished the first part on Friday. But I think, once we get more information, that this will be a very good story.